Water Bottle Vending Machine


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Water Bottle Vending Machine

Higher value on health

Water Bottle Vending Machine

As consumers are placing a higher value on their health, it has become more important to provide them with healthy snacks and drinks to match their lifestyle.  Typically, when health-conscious folks are looking for a healthy snack, the last place they will look is a vending machine.  However, our OMNI series vending machines are turning heads because of all their high-tech features. Not only are they selling healthy snacks and drinks, but they even look healthy with their clean, enticing graphics.

Our OMNI Series healthy vending machines will accommodate large and small products of all different sizes. The products can be vended using traditional coils or our high-tech conveyor belts as well.  Since the entire machine is refrigerated, you will be able to vend pre-prepped foods like fruit bowls, salads or other fresh  

bottled water vending machine
bottled water vending machines

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The machine has a built-in elevator which will safely lower your delicate items down to the retrieval door.  Yes, even glass bottles are safe to vend from the OMNI vending machine!

The touchscreen media player allows your customers to interact with the machine and learn more about each product you’re selling. You can see all the nutritional information, or watch videos as well.

Buy the key to our OMNI Series is our ability to completely customize the machine for you, inside & out. We customize each machine to perfectly meet your unique product requirements and promote your brand.  These machines can even come in different sizes depending on your space requirements.

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